Hallo a h-uile duine,

Tha ceist bheag agam an dra\sda.
I have a small question just now.

I've been doing the exercises in Bun-Chursa Ga\idhlig (and there is no key);D

Tha Mairi aig an taigh ach tha Seumas anns an sgoil.
Mary is in the house and James is in the school.
Could it also be translated:
Mary is at home and James is in school.???

And, along the same line:
Malcolm is in church.
Tha Calum anns an eaglais.
It needs to be definite, right, as he's in a particular church; or would it be 

Mo/ran taing.

Bha i a' cur beagan sneachda an-diugh, ach tha a' ghrian a' dearrsadh an dra\sda.
It was snowing a little today, but the sun is shining just now.

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