ednsue wrote:

> Aonghais, b'toigh leat sgitheadh, no b'toigh leat an deoch?
> Angus, did you like skiing, or did you like the drink?

A Shiu\saidh 's a h-uile duine,

Uill, feumaidh mi aidich gur a h-e an deoch a cho\rd rium na's fhea\rr. Cho\rd
i rium gu math 'nuair a bha mi na's o\ige.....chan eil fhios agam nan do
dh'fha\s mi glic no direach aosda, ( 'is chan iarrainn freagairt air mo
bhean...;)...) ach chan eil i idir cho tlachdmhor rium a nis, no bho chionn
chuid mho\r bliadhnaichean.

Well, must I admit that is it the drink that agreed to-me better. Agreed it
to-me well when I was younger... isn't knowledge at-me if grew I wise or just
old, ( and not would-ask-I answer on my wife.....) but isn't it at-all so
pleasant to me now, or since portion large years.

Well, I must admit that it was the drink I liked better. I liked it quite a
lot when I was younger....I don't know if I've grown wise or just old, ( and I
wouldn't ask my wife for an answer ( to that one)......) but I'm not at all
that fond of it now, nor ( have I been ) for many years.

Ach, mar a thuirt Benjamin Franklin uair, "Tha leann a' dearbhadh gu bheil
gaol aig Dia air an comunn-dhaoine."
But, as said BF (a) time, "Is beer proving that is love at God on the
society(?) of-man."
But as BF said once, "Beer is proof that God loves mankind."

Tha sinn air ruigsinn doimhneachd de fheallsanachd fa\da os mo cheann........
Are we on reaching depth of philosophy far over me head....
We have reached a depth of philosophy far beyond me.....

Le meas,

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