Leslie Gadallah wrote:

> > Spring was here last week, but winter is back now.
>    An seo, cuideachd.  Tha eagal orm a-nis gum bi i geamhradh gu an
> t-Òg-mhios.

A Les,

Na bi fo eagal! Cha bhi an geamhradh ann gus an t-O\g-mhios! Mar a chuala mi aig
mo mha\thair:
Don't be under fear! Won't be the winter here until June! As that heard I at my
Don't worry! The winter won't last until June! As I heard from my mother:

Mios Faoilich,       ( her pronunciation-- I think it's usually pronounced
naoi latha gearran,
co\ig latha sguabag,
tri\ latha feadag,
suas an t-Earrach!

Month of Faoilich
nine days gearran      ( Sorry, can't remember the meaning; I'll have to ask
five days sweeping  (winds)
three days whistling (winds)
up (with) the spring  ( the start of spring)

The faoilich starts on January fifteenth, and you can do the math from there.
This comes from Scotland, so I don't know how it applies to different areas.
That's way too early for spring in CB most years.....

Nach robh "chinook" agaibh o chionn ghoirid? No an robh sin a\ite eile......??
Wasn't "chinook" at-you since short? Or was that a place other....??
Didn't you have a chinook recently? Or was that some other place....?

Mur an robh cuimhne bhochd agam, cha bhiodh cuimhne idir agam......
Inless was memory poor at-me, not would-be memory at-all at-me....
If I didn't have a bad memory, I'd have no memory at all........

Le meas,

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