Leslie Gadallah wrote:

> Feasgar math a h-uile duine:
>    Ach chan eil an t-side mhath an seo.  Tha an stoirm a' tighinn.

A\ite eile far a bheil stoirm a' tighinn! Nach sinne (a) tha sona, a
Leslie?Place other where is storm coming! Not we (that) are lucky, Leslie?
Another place where a storm is coming! Aren't we the lucky ones, Leslie?
( Actually it doesn't sound nearly that saucy in Gaelic.......sorry.......)

By the way, "math" should not be lenited here.
Chan eil si\de mhath ann -- is not good weather here-- We have/ It is good
Chan eil an t-si\de math -- is the weather not good-- the weather isn't

It suddenly occurs to me.....perhaps you were saying, "Good weather is not
here." in which case the lenition is correct..........

>    Tha ceisd agam oirbh (dhuibh?)

Bhitheadh "dhuibh" ceart.Would-be "dhuibh" correct.
"Dhuibh" would be right. ( " for you" )

> .  Dh'iarr mi a sgriobhadh "every other
> week" neo "every second week", ann an rosg-rann coltach ri "we meet
> every other week."  Ciamar a chanas mi seo anns a Ghàidhlig?

Chanainn: Coinnichidh sinn gach darna seachdainn.I-would-say: Will-meet we
each second week.
I would say:

I'm sure there are other ways.......a cha\irdean.......????? do\igh eile???
a way other???  ( another way???)

        'Se 'n geamhradh luath an geamhradh buan.
        The early winter is a long winter.--Gaelic proverb

'Sann a bha iad eo\lach.
Indeed they were knowledgeable.

Le meas,

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