A Shiu\saidh cho\ir,

How sorry I was to read your message about the death of your husband. I 
wish I could do more than just send condolences. Here's a verse by the 
Gaelic poet Do\mhnall Iain MacDho\mhnaill that I hope is appropriate:

Bhon u\ir a thu\saich 's dhan u\ir gun te\id sinn,
Toabh thall a' chu\irteir, dhar su\il cha le\ir e,
Ach chi\ sinn fianais gur fior a' sgeul e
G'eil beath' a\s u\r dhuinn an cu\l na h-e\iginn.

(From dust we came and will return to dust,
The other side of the curtain our eyes cannot see,
But we can bear witness to the truth -
There's a new life for us beyond distress.)

Leis gach beannachd,


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