Tapadh leat Aonghais,

Fhuair mi an leabhar seo da\ sheachdain a chaidh, ach cha do leugh mi ach
began fhathast.
I got this book 2 weeks ago, but I've read only a little yet.

Tha mi a' smaoineachadh gum bi e intinneach.
I think it will be interesting.

>From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Angus  MacLeod)
>Subject: Re: [gaidhlig-gu-leor] From?
>Date: Mon, Mar 5, 2001, 10:44 PM

>ednsue wrote:
>> Ciamar a chanas mi "from" when using it as "From such and such a 
>poem"...would that be "bho"? or something else?
>Mar a's trice, chanadh tu "bho" , 'nam fhiosrachd.Most often, would-say you 
> "bho", in-my experience.
>However, in the book "Sgeul Gu Latha", Joe Neil MacNeil often uses "aig" 
>when talking about WHO he got something
>from e.g.:
>Chuala mi aig Iain an sgeula* seo.
>Heard I at John the story this.
>I heard this story from John.
>Fhuair mi aig Iain....
>Got I at John....
>I got from John....
>I've never seen "aig" used except for when something was gotten from a 
>person, but not from an inanimate thing.
>i.e., I've always heard "bho 'n leabhar", never "aig an leabhar".
>Hope this helps,
>Le meas,
>p.s. I added the "a" to "sgeul" only because this is how it would be 
>pronounced in a conversation. The proper
>spelling is "sgeul", as mostly all of you know. Perhaps I shouldn't have 
>added it, but it just looked so wrong
>without it that I went back and did it.........
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