Hallo a h-uile duine,

Tha mi a' smaoineachadh gum bheil na leanas u\idheil.
I think that the following is interesting.

Fhuair mi e bho Gaidhlig-B.
I got it from Gaelic B.


>A Chàirdean chòir,
>I thought I should pass on this letter to you all from Trueman Matheson in
>Nova Scotia  as it gives an insight into the mean spirited attitude of the
>press towards Minority Languages.( particularly Gaelic )  I know that there
>is a European Organisation ( Brussels? ) which is generating awareness
>globally for the preservation of ML's but I can't remember who they are
>If I had an address I would write to them. Perhaps ACGA, SL of the Bay,
>Slighe nan Gaidheal and other Gaelic Societies could help make these
>newspaper aware that Gaelic is not dead and continues to have status
>throughout North America.
>I also wanted to contact Marion Gunn about this as she is involved with the
>Celtic Language Organisations but I don't know her address.
>This from Trueman (* note; Trueman is a fluent Gaelic speaker as is his
>wife and children)
>A Chàirdean chòir,
>In case you have not heard about the controversy over Roddy MacDonald's
>trip to Scotland to find ways to preserve Gaelic here, people are calling
>it frivolous and a waste of money.
>The Gaels are part of the fabric of this country same as the English,
>French, German, etc... The first two Prime Ministers were Gaels as were 4
>premiers of this province. They built this country as much as any group and
>for the cost of a trip to Scotland we are called "frivolous".
>We cannot afford to take this laying down. This is the first minister to
>have shown more than a passing interest in Gaelic and we should support
>him. I encourage everyone to write to their local newspaper or news outlet
>to complain about the treatment we have received in the media. We own it to
>ourselves and our ancestors to stand up for our language and culture.
>Leis gach deagh dhùrachd,
>Trueman Matheson
>Airson barrachd fìosrachadh, sgrìobh gu Trueman aig
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