Hallo a Sheònag,
>Latha Emulsion? Obh obh! Bidh sin cràiteach!
>Emulsion Day? Oh dear! That will be painful!


Chan 'eil mi 'n do\chas...

It got its name because Donnie (our teacher) stated that Immersion and
Emulsion were two words that an English learner might get confused - and,
also, we liked the idea of "emulsion" as a mixture rather than "immersion"
where someone might think he/she might be drowned!  ;D

And, we thought that "Emulsion" might be less threatening for folks than
"Immersion" where they might think that no English would be allowed...

Anyway, our teacher likes to play with words, and we were only too happy to
keep his suggestion for the day...

So - if there's anyone on the list who's near the Sacramento, CA area or who
wouldn't mind driving over that way on the 21st of April, let me know.  I'll
probably get a more thorough post out next week about the day.


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