>>Hallo a h-uile duine,
>>Bithidh An Darna "Latha Emulsion" ann an Auburn, California, air an 
>>t-aonamh latha fichead de'n Ghiblean.
>>The Second Emulsion Day will be in Auburn, CA on the 21st of April.
>>'Nise, gabhaibh mo leisgeul, anns am Beurla...
>>Now, excuse me, in English...
>>Last August the Gaelic group in Auburn, studying under Donnie Macdonald, 
>>held its first "Latha Emulsion."  It got its name because Donnie stated 
>>that Immersion and Emulsion were two words that an English learner might 
>>get confused - and, also, we liked the idea of "emulsion" as a mixture 
>>rather than "immersion" where someone might think he/she might be drowned!  ;D
>>At any rate, it will be geared toward the new learner, but we think that 
>>learners at all stages will find the experience valuable, if the last one 
>>was any indication.  We're using hands-on games/activities, such as Bingo, 
>>as well as original exercises/games, to work on vocabulary as well as 
>>grammar.  We'll have a pot-luck lunch and try to have as much lunch-time 
>>conversation as possible in Gaelic.  Last summer we had all of the dishes, 
>>utensils, etc. labeled with their Gaelic names.
>>Each participant will receive a folder which will have the vocabulary used 
>>in each game as well as other handouts.
>>A donation is requested to help defray the cost and everyone is requested 
>>to bring a dish for the pot-luck as well as beverages.
>>If you are interested, please contact me so that we know how many will be 
>>there, and so that I can give you directions as well as further information.
>>Tha mi 'n do\chas gum bithidh sibh ann!
>>I hope that you will be there!
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