Ciamar a tha thu, Aonghais:

Angus MacLeod wrote:

> Hai a Les,Chanainn gum biodh an darna fhear ceart:  " 'S do\cha gum
> faic....."
> I-would-say that would-be the second one right..............

Tapadh leat.  Innisiadh mi ris e.  (But he'll be insufferable for
     Thanks.  I'll tell him.

> >  Oh, oh, three questions.  Ciamar a' chanas mi
> > "either of us"?
> Ouch. sucked in by an easy one, and then you ask something like
> this....... there is an evil side to you that I haven't seen before,
> Les.....  ; )

        Mise?  'Se "pussy-cat" a thannam.  :)

> I asked my mother about this one, and what she said sounded
> like " an arna duineigin".  It took me about half an hour to figure out  "
> an dara no duineigin". 

       Chan eil mi ag radh gu bheil mi 'ga tuigsinn.  Bi mar e dhomh
gu bhitheadh a' chiall rud sam bith coltach ri "one or the other".  
   I can't say I understand it.  It seems to me the meaning would be
something like "one person or the other".  But if that's the way it's
done, I certainly wouldn't argue.

> > 2.  Bith sinn a' faicinn "Tha seo an taigh aig Seumas" agus "Tha seo
> > taigh Sheumais"  Am bi diofar sam bith eatorra?
> >     We are seeing ". . ." and ". . .".  Is there any difference
> > between them?
> Chan eil iad diofaraichte. Tha an aon chiall air an da\ sreath.Are not
> they different. Is the one sense on the two sentences.
> There is no difference. The two sentences mean the same thing.
> ( Perhaps a grammatician would tell you there is a subtle difference, I
> don't know, but  in conversation.......)

       Móran taing, Aonghais.  Dé a dheanainn gun thusa?
          Many thanks, Angus.  What would I do without you?

Leslie Gadallah, Calgary, Canada-----

      Ge milis a mhil, cò dh' imlicheadh bhàrr na dris.
      As sweet as honey is, who would lick it from the brier?
                   --Gaelic proverb
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