Leslie Gadallah wrote:

> Ciamar a tha thu, Aonghais:

Hai a Leslie. Tha mi gu math agus tha mi 'n do\chas gu bheil soaghal math agad
cuideachd.Hi Leslie. Am I well and am I in hope that is world good at-you also.
.....And I hope things are well with you also.

> Tapadh leat.  Innisiadh mi ris e.  (But he'll be insufferable for
> weeks.)

( Yes, that's what friends are for......: )  )

      Chan eil mi ag radh gu bheil mi 'ga tuigsinn.  Bi mar e dhomh

> gu bhitheadh a' chiall rud sam bith coltach ri "one or the other".
>    I can't say I understand it.  It seems to me the meaning would be
> something like "one person or the other".  But if that's the way it's
> done, I certainly wouldn't argue.

Your literal translation works as well as any I can think of. I should have
stressed that this is just my interpretation of what she said, and  although it
makes sense to me, perhaps I've got it wrong. Also, there could be other ways of
saying the same thing. Does anyone else have another way of saying "either of
us" ? I know "an dara chuid" means "either one"  ( an dara chuid ubhal no oraind
-- either an apple or an orange ), but since she didn't use this, does that mean
it is not used or less used when refering to people??? I hope to be seeing
Catriona Parsons this weekend, and I hope I'll remember to ask her........

>       Móran taing, Aonghais.  Dé a dheanainn gun thusa?
>           Many thanks, Angus.  What would I do without you?

Ceart cho math no na's fhea\rr, tha mi fo eagal........; )Just so well or
better, am I under fear.....
Just as well or better, I'm afraid......

Tha ce/isd agam do 'n a h-uile duine aig a bheil u\igh:
Is question at-me for every person at which is interest:
I have a question for anyone who is interested:

Co\ a chiosinneas a' Chupan "Stanley" am bliadhna? ( O 'n nach eil mo\ran
cho\mhraidh air an liosta, to\isichidh mi sabaid!! )
Who that will-win the Cup Stanley  the year?  ( Since is not much
0f-conversation on the list, will-start I fight! )
Who's going to win the Stanley Cup this year? ( since there isn't much
conversation on the list, I'll start a fight!! )

Tha mi air a bhith a' cuir taic ri na Sgiathan Ghorma fad cuid mho\r
bhliadhnaichean, agus Debbie a' cuir taic ri na Duilleagan Mhe/ibil cha mho\r
cho fa\da. 'S e Pittsburgh is annsa le Muireach agus an Colorado Leum-sneachda
le Ciaran.
Am I on being putting support to the Wings Red length portion great of years,
and Debbie putting support to the Leaves (Leafs) Maple almost so long. Is it
Pittsburgh is favorite with Morris and the Colorado Avalanche with Kieran.
I've been a Red Wings fan for many years and Debbie a Maple Leafs fan almost as
long. Pittsburgh is Morris' favorite, and the Colorado Avalanche is Kieran's.
( Notice how deftly I sidestepped the word "penguin" ?  Is there a Gaelic word
for "penguin"? )

Le meas,

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