LoisTed Macdonald wrote:

> Ach air a' bhalla anns an sgoil sin, bha dealbhan a rinn na sgoilearan de
> bheathaichean anns an Antarctaig. Agus fo dealbh de dh'eun dhen t-seorsa
> sin bha an tiotal - "Ceann-fionn".
> (But on the wall in that school there were pictures, made by the students,
> of animals in the Antarctic. And under the picture of the bird of that sort
> was a title - "Ceann-fionn".)


Mi\le taing airson na fios seo, agus an eachdraidh mhath u\idheil air an ainm.
Cho\rd e rium gu mo\r!

A thousand thanks for the information this, and the history good, interesting on
the name. Agreed it to-me greatly!

Thanks a lot for  the information and the history of the name. It was great!

Le meas,

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