Hallo a h-uile duine,

Am bheil neach sam bidh a' cleachdadh iMac leis am browser seo?
Is anyone using an iMac with this browser?

I tried to download/install the Opera 5 in Gaelic on my iMac and didn't have
any luck although it did say that it was available for Macs...has anyone had
any success doing it yet?

Tapadh leibh.
>From: Pandora Fitzpatrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: [gaidhlig-gu-leor] FWD: web browser in Gaelic!
>Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2001, 10:11 PM

>tha am browser ur direach sgoinneal -- rach gu www.opera.com an-drasda-fhein!
>I just downloaded and installed the Opera 5 web browser -- in Gaelic!  
>Not only are all the menus and commands in Gaelic (you can actually choose 
>from a number of languages), but it comes with a pre-configured list of 
>Favorites that include a wide range of Gaelic websites!
>This is too cool for words -- pass it on to all your friends!
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