Title: FW: Gaelic "Emulsion" Day

"An Dara Latha de Chluichean agus de Chomhradh ann an Gàidhlig"

“The Second Day of Games and Conversation in Gaelic”

An t-aonamh latha air fhichead de’n Ghiblean     
Ann an Auburn, California
The Twenty-First  Day of April
In Auburn, California

Bho:  10:00 Uairean ‘Sa Mhadainn                        
Gu:  5:00 Uairean Feasgar
From:  10:0 A.M.                                   
To:  5:00 P. M.

De a bheir mi leam?  (What will I bring with me?)
Cathair  •   Lawn chair preferably
Biadh • Side dish/salad to go with turkey as well as a desert/snack
Deoch •  Drinks for yourself  (Will have coffee/tea available)
Pàipear ‘s Peann  •  Notebook paper/pen and or pencil
Aodach  •  Comfortable clothes
Deagh Shunnd  •  Sense of Humor
Aireagad  • Donation to defray the cost of the day

Cuspairean   (Topics Covered)

 • Building Vocabulary through Games
Comhradh:  •  Opportunities for Conversation at Different Levels
Oran:  •  Waulking Song
Aireamhan:  •  Working with Numbers
Suas/Sìos agus A-Steach/A-Mach  •  Up/Down and Inside/Outside Through Games
“Bi” •  Working with the Verb “To Be” through Games

This will be a “hands-on” participatory day.  
Learners of all abilities are welcome.  Bring a tape recorder if you wish.

Donnie Macdonald will be leading particular activities and will also be
available as an invaluable resource.

For more Information contact:
Barbara Alexander, 530-823-6734; email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]  or
Sue Cobbs, 530-827-2912;

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