ednsue wrote:
> Tapadh leat a Sheònag,
> Is it "usual" for the "i" to change to "e" and to be followed by "i"?  Or
> are there different patterns that just need to be memorized and I'm just
> **hoping** to simplify things here?
> Example:
> Calean becomes a Chalein...
> Micheal becomes a Mhicheil...
> Siu\saidh

Hallo A' Shiu\saidh,

This is a general pattern, but there are a few names that can trip you
up - 

Watch out for names like Coinneach (kenneth). You might think that the
vocative would be A' Choinneich', but it is in fact, 'A' Coinnich".

That's why I prefer just to memorize certain anomalies - it makes life
easier ;-)

le deogh dhu\rachdan


"Tìr gun chànan, tìr gun anam."
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