Hallo a h-uile duine,

Bha mi-fhín ann an Chico le mo nigheanan 's an teaghlaichean.
I myself was in Chico with my daughters and their families.

Lorg mi dà leabhraichean de bhàrdachd ann an Gàidhlig anns an lann-leabhraichean 
aig  Oilthigh Chico.
I found 2 books of poetry in Gaelic in the library at Chico University. 

Bha leabhar le Sorley MacLean "Reothairt is Contraigh" agus 's e an leabhar eile" 
Highland Songs of the Forty-Five" a bh' ann.
A book was by S.M. "Spring Tide and Neap Tide" and the other book was "...."

Ann am Beurla an dra\sda...
In English just now...

We were taking our grandson on a tour of the campus, and looking through the library 
when I thought it would be fun to see what (if anything) the library had in 
Was I surprised!  And - I have a month to read through them!


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