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Category: wrong
Group: 2.0.0 beta 5
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Joel (jlbec)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: regression: Proxy settings are forgotten

Initial Comment:
I've been using gaim for years.  Recently, Debian switched to the 2.0 beta 
series.  This exposed a regression that makes me want to scream!

I work on a laptop.  When I go home, I change the proxy settings to "No Proxy". 
 When I get to the office, I change the proxy settings to "HTTP".

In the 1.0 series, GAIM saved the proxy settings always.  Switching to "No 
Proxy" just meant it wouldn't use the proxy.  Switching back to "HTTP", GAIM 
would load up the remembered proxy and away I'd go.

With 2.0, switching to "No Proxy" erases my proxy details.  When I get back to 
the office, I have to re-enter the proxy server.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!  This is 
just an unacceptible regression.  I mean, GAIM's been doing this right for 

The solution is to revert to the original behavior.  Just because I choose "No 
Proxy" doesn't mean erase the proxy server and port info.  Just toggler 

Otherwise, I have a few workarounds.

1) Leave the proxy settings alone and only use Gaim in one location.

2) Re-enter the proxy information EVERY DAY when I get to the office.

3) Find a new AIM client that allows me to use AIM both at home and at the 
office without having to type in my proxy server every day.

Sad to say, I'll be choosing option (3).


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