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Submitted By: mattman_iflaf (mattman_iflaf)
Assigned to: Richard Laager (rlaager)
Summary: Dialogs with "Cancel" button not closing with ESC key

Initial Comment:
Pretty standard for all gtk based apps, that dialogs
that have "Cancel" buttons should close when the ESC
key is pressed.

This is not the case in gaim 2.0 for at least two dialogs:
   View User Log Dialog
   Modify Account Dialog

There my be others I just haven't seen them. ESC does
work perfectly well on some of the dialogs but should
really work on all, This would be considered an
accessibility issue.


Comment By: Eduardo Perez Ureta (eperez)
Date: 2007-02-08 23:39

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Here is a lengthy discussion about the issue:

Most probably that dialogs are not closed as other dialogs in gaim because
they are not gtk+ dialogs.
But, anyway this is an inconsistency and it should be fixed by making
those dialogs closed by pressing the ESC key.


Comment By: Andy Feldman (nereusren)
Date: 2006-05-14 03:16

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I was also surprised by this inconsistent behavior in gaim.
If a window has a "cancel" button, Escape should probably be
the same as pressing it.

For example, in the "add new buddy pounce" dialog it doesn't
work, but in "send file" it does.


Comment By: Richard Laager (rlaager)
Date: 2006-04-06 14:43

Logged In: YES 

Is this specified in the HIG anywhere? 
If this should be done "for all gtk based apps", then GTK+ 
should be doing it. 
That said, I happen to like using Escape to close windows, 
so I might look into this at some point. 


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