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Category: msn
Group: 2.0.0 beta 6
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: tonyshek2000 (tonyshek2000)
Assigned to: Stu Tomlinson (nosnilmot)
Summary: reply display incorrectly under msn

Initial Comment:
when I chat with my friend who replies in chinese, all of his responses could 
not display correctly. However, gaim displays my chinese input without any 

Several comments which might help to identify the problem.

1. uninstall beta 6 and reinstall 2.0 beta 5. Problem still exits.

2. I try to read the conversation log. there is no problem for the reply 

3. I use a plug-in, histroy, to show the last reply in the previous 
conversation. It works for everytime i try to start a new chat. But during the 
chatting, it doesn't help. So I have to keep on close the chatting window and 
reopen it to see the last message sent from my friend.

4. The problem exists under msn. For other protocol gaim supports, I am not 
sure. But at least it doesn't show up under QQ.

My system---windows xp pro sp2, gaim 2.0 beta6, gtk+ 2.8.18


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