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Category: segfault
Group: 2.0.0 beta 6
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: jorge_sampayo (jdsampayo)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Crash selecting folders

Initial Comment:
Hello, im not very good in english so something may be writed bad, you can ask 
me one thing you dont understand or tell me if i can post in spanish.

(I do not know if the name of buttons or menus are exactly the same, cause I 
have gaim in spanish)

The thing is this:

1 I have some sounds in a folder called "macossounds".
2 In the preferences menu, sounds tab, i added some sounds to use with some 
3 All works good.
4 Days later, I renamed the folder to "MacOSSounds".
5 When I used GAIM again, I noticed there was no sound.
6 Well, I go again to preferences menu, sounds tab.
7 I selected one of the events. There was the old "macossounds" folder, so I 
clicked in "select sound"; the window that appears to select sound mark an 
error saying "The folder does not exist" and shows no items in the window (like 
the folder was empty) I clicked "OK" and then it let me select folders; I 
selected the new "MacOSSounds" folder and selected one sound. Click OK.
8 I clicked in "Try" to listen the sound and it works.
---The problem
9 I tried to change another sound; but when it opens the window to select a 
sound its different. It doesnt show a window with no items, it shows (for a 
moment) the content of "MacOSSounds" and then it crashes.

I cant change the other sounds cause it always crashes trying to select a 
sound. Except with the first I changed, that I can continue changing

I think this is cause the names of the folders only changed from normal letters 
to capital letters.


I'm attaching the backtrace, what I did in the backtrace is:

1 Open GAIM
2 Go to preferences menu, sound tab
3 Selected a sound for the event that i can select (the first and only one i 
changed), selected some sound called "Monkey"
4 Tried to change the sound of other event
6 The crash appears.  

Well I hope this helps to improve GAIM



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