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>Category: win32
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Submitted By: James Rome (jarome)
>Assigned to: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Summary: cygwin + gaim - solved

Initial Comment:
Removing cygwin from your path kills other applications. For example, doing C 
development in NetBeans and Eclipse require that cygwin be in the path.

The solution is to run gaim from a batch file (gaim.bat):

set PATH=%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;
"C:\Program Files\Gaim\gaim.exe"

If you install this for people, it will solve these problems.

It would be nice if someone told me how to eliminate the command window that 
this produces, however.


>Comment By: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Date: 2007-02-24 17:03

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2.0.0beta6 should still work if you have cygwin in your path (which you
really shouldn't do).

If you need cygwin in your path for a specific application, you should
only have it in the path for that application and not pollute the System
Path - a good way to do this is with App Paths (google for more


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