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Submitted By: Alexander Toresson (alexander_t)
>Assigned to: Sean Egan (seanegan)
Summary: Conflict between editing aliases and focus follows mouse

Initial Comment:
When focus of the gaim buddy window is lost and you are editing a buddy's 
alias, the alias becomes uneditable again, ie goes back to 'normal'.

When you right-click a buddy and select "Alias..." and that menu item happens 
to be outside the buddy window and there is now another window underneath the 
mouse pointer and true focus follows mouse is enabled in the window manager, 
that new window that happens to be beneath the mouse pointer is made focused.

This means that in that condition, when you select "Alias..."  from the buddy 
context menu, the buddy alias will quickly go from uneditable to editable and 
back to uneditable again.

Thus, to edit the alias of those buddies where this happens to be true, I'll 
have to resize the buddy window, edit the alias then restore the window's 
former size.

This problem manifests itself both when using xfwm4 and fluxbox with 
focus-follows-mouse enabled. Someone said that most wms implement sloppy 
focus-follows-mouse which would only make windows focused when you actually 
move the mouse pointer into it, but I couldn't setup any of these to window 
managers to do that.

Someone suggested that this might be a limitation in gtk, but another person 
thought that it wasn't.

In any case, suggested fix: keep an alias editable even though focus of the 
buddy window has been lost.


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