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Submitted By: any_joe (any_joe)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Improved Buddy Search: Search for offline buddies

Initial Comment:
I use the "Buddy Pounce" feature frequently, i.e., I'd like to set a pounce on 
offline buddies to get a notification when they go online. I usually hide 
offline buddies (my buddy list contains approx 400 buddies).

Feature request I (important): I'd appreciate if the buddy search (i.e., typing 
a name in the buddy list) would show online _and offline_ buddies. This enables 
me to set pounces quicker (by typing a name and then right clicking on the 
greyed buddy icon that should be displayed by the search for an offline buddy)

My favourite client (IBM Sametime 7.5.1) has a nice implementation of these 
features: "normal" search by typing a name only finds online items. 

Opening the search field (gaim: Ctrl+F) and typing a name then: 
- discplays a complete list of found matches (including offline buddies)
- displayes buttons to search the string in the different directories (ICQ user 
search, AIM user search, ...; one for each account).

This enables me to use the find field to first search my buddy list and if this 
fails search the background directories for the user.


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