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Submitted By: Sam (lurker01)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: MultiMonitor Support For Gaim.

Initial Comment:
I have recently installed multi monitors on my main 
computer on which i use gaim. Unlike other aim clients 
that remember IM box positions after they close gaim 
does not. 

For example. I run gaim and place it on my second 
monitor that is on the right. I recieve an IM and the box 
appears on the left screen. I drag the box back to the 
right screen next to the GAIM client and turn it off.

Now, if the program was to work properly when a new 
aim window opens it opens in the same position as the 
old one that i turned off. But instead it once again 
opens on the left screen.

I have two monitors so i can keep track of my mp3s and 
aim, but if im playing a game i do not see the taskbar 
and i dont see the IM boxes.

Could you please include a fix in your next release that 
will make GAIM remember where the chat boxes opened 
last and keep them there.

Also, the original aim, does it slightly differently. The 
first im box receieved from a person it opened on my left 
screen, but if i move it to the right and leave it in a 
certain position the next time i recieve the message 
from the same user it will open in the last position. This 
holds true for everyone that i chat with.


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2007-04-17 15:42

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As we are closing this tracker, please submit any feature request that is
still valid to http://developer.pidgin.im.  Thanks. 


Comment By: alan johnson (chomo)
Date: 2004-01-20 14:33

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try this


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