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Category: yahoo
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Submitted By: Bogdan (bogdelnicu)
Assigned to: Tim Ringenbach (marv_sf)
Summary: Yahoo multiple profiles

Initial Comment:
Hi, the thing that still keeps me from completely 
migrating to Gaim is the absence of support for Yahoo 
Profiles/Identities: the ability to use different id's for 
different users under the same Yahoo account. Would 
you consider adding this feature in a future release?


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2007-04-20 11:00

Logged In: YES 
Originator: NO

As we are closing this tracker, please submit any feature request that is
still valid to http://developer.pidgin.im.  Thanks. 


Comment By: George Pauliuc (romania)
Date: 2005-02-21 02:34

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I'd like to have that too. It's quite annoying to keep the
accounts window oppen and relogin over and over again. This
starts some trouble with gaim as it blocks the older
conversation - say I talk to mr. X from the A identity,
relogin and send something from the B identity than the
first tab/window is blocked.


Comment By: Tim Ringenbach (marv_sf)
Date: 2005-01-21 14:39

Logged In: YES 

I've considered this, but can't come up with a good way to
do it. The most reasonable way i've come up with is to
recode a large portion of the core and probably ui and
prpls, to allow multiple gc's per account, or something like

Each Yahoo identity aka profile is associated with another
profile, the master profile. the master profile isn't really

Each profile has its own screenname, and status (online,
offline, custom away, custom available, etc).

All profiles share a single buddy list, a single YMSG
connection to yahoo, etc. If you try to log on two profiles
as seperate accounts in Gaim, the old one gets knocked off.

To you, all your profiles are part of the same account, but
to others, they seem to be different users.

If anyone has a good way to impliment this within Gaim, such
that you can send messages from different profiles to
different users (by e.g. using the Send As menu), but still
share a buddy list, etc. let me know. Tell me your design
before you code it, so we can discuss it to make sure it
works and doesn't suck.


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