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By: dddarren

Hi. I'm writing a gaim plugin for a uni. project and i'm having some difficulty
linking to other libraries at run time.

I'm basically just trying to split my code up then I don't have one huge file.
I'm just making the library using gaim/gtk plugin makefile giving my my .so
file. I've included the header file in the actual plugin file and it all seems
to compile fine (no used but not defined errors or anything) so it seems to
link ok at this stage.

But when I come to run it, the plugin appears greyed out and in the extra info
section i get an "Error: undefined symbol". so im guessing there some problem
linking to it at run time.

I've tried putting the library in the same directory as the plugin, the lib/gaim
dir, setting PLUGIN_LIBS to point to it, setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to
the right dir etc. etc. all with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know im prob just being blonde.

Thanks in advance.


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