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By: mizerydearia

According to this thread ( ) Meebo
uses Jabber protocol, however since Meebome (flash-based web widget) is widely
used on websites users connecting to their Meebo accouts using clients other
than the web-based client will notice that each visitor to a page
with their meebome widget will produce a friend request and also a friend 
request.  On high-traffic sites, these requests may become unbearable and 
The web-based client has modified their jabber implementation
to automically accept these requests adding such web-based visitors/uses into
a group of their own ("chat" group).  One user requested that perhaps Gaim 
offer an option/preference in the client specific to allowing such
inbound friend requests and outbound friend approvals to be automatic and hidden
from the user.

I look forward to such possibilities within Gaim specifically.  Hopefully 
in version 2.0 ^^

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