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By: hrimhari

In the case of ICQ/AIM, luckily their server supports all variety of ports.
If you need to use a proxy to connect to ICQ/AIM, be sure to use port 443. 
frequently the only port that proxies accept when a proxy CONNECT request is

In the case of MSN, should you need HTTP protocol AND proxy, I was not able
to make it work without installing a local Squid proxy pointing to the real
proxy and then using my Squid to connect. I've read somewhere that it's an SSL
problem and it's not clear to me why a local Squid solves the problem, but it
worked. Btw, that was on Windoze and the proxy's M$.

When I looked at the log, it would seemly connect, download the user list but
would not put me on "online" status nor would notify me of anyone's "online"

Good luck,

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