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By: latinov1

Ok so we all know how Adium has plug-in support for Growl. Well there's this
program that is trying to be like Growl but for windows of course called Snarl.
In case you don't know what Growl or a program like it does is that it basically
gives the user a centralized way to recieve notifications. So for one, in GAIM,
you could get a notification when someone signs on/off, IMs you, etc. The real
beauty is that you can use it with other programs that support it, such as 
or MSN, and just have one type of notification instead of mutliple different

>From what the developer says it's not too hard to make a plug-in and I was 
if anyone that is familiar with code would be willing to make a plug-in. I think
this would be a great program to link up with GAIM as it's very useful. I know
GAIM already has something like this but I don't really think a little variety
would hurt.

Here's the link to the site that talks more about what it does in detail and
also links to the developmental page as well as the newest release and testing

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