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By: tripatk

u r able to add/delete smileys at will, it does involve u edtiing a text file
(easy) and pasting the smileys to the same folder, let me try to break it down
1 download this theme:
the download link is at the end of then page
or one that has all smiley for all protocols
2 uncompess the file
3 paste it into ........\application data\.gaim\smiley\
4 find the themes file, open it in a text editor
5 scroll down the theme file to [MSN] after that there is list of msn smileys,
the pics filenames on left and the text/s that prints the pics on right, just
add ur own custom smileys where u want them, paste ur smileys in same folder
as the theme file, and save the theme file. u obviouly have to get ur friends
smileys first
for example:
monkey7.gif                             _monkey

will add a monkey gif every time i write _monkey in using MSN account
it is really easy, i use the same smileys for each protocol using [default]

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