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By: tedsdad

We are using gaim 2.0.0beta6 with the jabber protocol. We use active directory
to populate the users' groups and buddies.
We have a user, who was trying to drop and drag buddies into different groups
and as a result, the user is not able to see all of her groups and buddies now.

1) I have tried to have the user add the groups manually, but when she does
there are no buddies in them.

2) I have had the user add a buddy manually, but the buddy shows as offline
and cannot be IM'ed.

3) I have completely uninstalled the gaim application, including all files and
folders in
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\.gaim and in the registry
and then re-installing the application.

None of these things have helped.

Has anyone seen this problem before?

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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