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Go to and you will see a list of the

That's I realize. I got my 2b5 by downloading PortableApps. That's a
freeware software suite that's meant to be run on a USB-stick. You can choose
whether you want to download just the menu and add items later, or you can 
the suite. That contains Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, ClamWin Antivirus
and Sudoku Portable.

There are other applications ready for download. Just google PortableApps, and
you will find it. Why I recommend this? You can take with you all your most
important work wherever you go, and always use what you know. Combine it with
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (My web-reader of choice) and you have practically everything 
will ever need in your pocket.

If this is not to your liking, I am sorry. I don't know where to get the 2b5
without going about it this way.

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