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By: ottifantsir

I use Wingaim included in the PortableApps package (Gaim2b5)and I can't use
the 2b6 as that just crashed right after starting (I have seen others 
about that happening when logging on to MSN, but I can't even configure it.)
So, I found that Gaim was part of the PortableApps package and decided to give
it a go. This is running off a USB-pendrive then. I have followed a guide to
make sure the proper GTK+ environment is included with the pendrive so that
Gaim can use it.

Well, on to the problem: I get three error messages from MSN: read error, write
error and failure to authenticate. If I hit this dialog "immediately" after
it has been issued, I can connect again, but not for more than three minutes
(preliminary record).

>From Yahoo! I get Winsocket error #10054.

I have a Motorola SB5101 Cable Modem to get Internet access (1500/400 
I have a Philips SNB5600 router connected to this to get wireless. I run XP
HOME SP2 on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with D2C 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, Dell
Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card. I run uTorrent, eMule, Gaim, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
9.10, BOINC
(Intermittent transfers), Avast! (Virus database downloads) and would run 
4.12.11 if I could get the firewall off.

Off course, all of these programs, if they all ran at once, would consume my
bandwidth quite fast, and it would be
all at once. One of the P2P programs is always on, with a bandwidth restriction,
and I would like to keep Gaim open all the time too, being able to connect to
my (few) friends. Add to this the desire to help the world (BOINC) and searching
the Web with Opera, spiking the connection every once in a while shouldn't 
be a problem, right?

Well, Gaim disconnects from MSN with either one of the three messages described
regardless of whether Gaim is the sole (not counting Windows here) program using
the connection, or if ALL of the listed programs are running and connecting
to the Net.

Where applicable, I have forwarded ports in my router for the programs 
For Gaim, I have forwarded ports for all the different protocols (ICQ, MSN,
Yahoo!) where I have found information on whether this is necessary or I have
actually found information on a port to forward.

Anyone got any ideas for improving this?

(PS: Sorry for long post, but I try to give all relevant information to the
best of my knowledge)

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