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By: jonathan41

This is exactly what I am seeing. I just sent an update email to a group of
family/friends from my gmail account, and 25 new people showed up in my buddy

Let me know if you need to to test anything or need more info.


I'm running 2.0.0beta6 on Windows.
Debugging Information
  Plugins: Enabled
  SSL: Gaim was compiled with SSL support.
  GTK+ Runtime: 2.10.7
  Glib Runtime: 2.12.7

  Library Support
    Cyrus SASL: Disabled
    Gadu-Gadu library (libgadu): Internal
    GtkSpell: Enabled
    GnuTLS: Disabled
    Network Security Services (NSS): Enabled
    Perl: Enabled
    Tcl: Enabled
    Tk: Enabled

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