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By: doctor-nemesis

I've looked through the various threads on password security here, and I have
a question about the password storage which I couldn't see an existing answer

If all the protocols use some form of password hashing rather than sending the
password in the clear, then why doesn't Gaim store the password hash in the
settings file, rather than the password itself?

It would seem like a good idea, Gaim would have to do less work, since it 
have to calculate the hashes every time it needed them. Although you wouldn't
be able to read your passwords from the file if you forgot them, your not 
to be able to do that. At least, not with any other programme I know of which
saves your password.

How difficult is it to add that functionality? I'm not really familiar with
the GTK/Gaim architecture. Would a plug-in be possible? Or would a branch/patch
be required?

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