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By: randomstep

I don't know how to reply to a specific comment in a thread, but want to second
Etan's suggestion that the link above be put in someplace more public. I just
spent an hour ( :( ) trying to find that same link, as I remembered Etan sharing
it a few months ago.

I'd like to, at least occasionally, help answer some of the "newbie" questions
on this forum if I can.  But I have to say I find it difficult to make my way
around this site sometimes.  Perhaps someone could put this up on the main gaim
webpage, perhaps in the FAQ?

I was also surprised there wasn't a link in the sidebar for "developers" or
"help with development" or something like that.  Perhaps even just an entry
in the FAQ saying "go learn how to use sourceforge here, then get on the mailing
lists and irc" or somethhing like that.  Just a suggestion.

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