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By: markob22

Sometimes I get "Message could not be sent because a connection error occurred"
or that famous switchboard error... I've read that it happens for unknown 
also when you write a message and close the windows immediately. From this 
what if all this is caused by some poor MSN spam/whatever filter? Here's why
I think so:
- if a message is sent and window closed immediately, maybe it assumes it's
a spam, so it returns an error (switchboard one).
- if a message contains any url with download.php in the end, I'll ALWAYS get
"connection error" message. MSN assuming it's a possible evil url or spam? Same
message with "down lo ad.php" in the end of URL works fine. I just tried sending
same message (with download.php in the end) from some Windows MSN client to
me and it gets ignroed. I can see user writing me a message but I recieve 

I dunno, I'm just thinking loud here (before posting a bug report). Has anyone
else come to similar conclusions? I'm using Gaim on Windows and Linux, same
pattern everywhere. Maybe Gaim should not report window closed for a certain
amount of time, but for download.php thingie, I have no clue how to solve it :(

- Marko

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