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By: pidey

Hey, a game that I play called GunZ is causing instability in Gaim.  I have
not noticed instability in any other pogram, including GIMP (might be useful
to know since GIMP is GTK also).  I have not noticed this instability with any
other program.

I -BELIEVE- that GunZ uses The unreal engine, and is DirectX based.

Gaim is usually stable, but once GunZ is run, until I reboot, Gaim is unstable.
A friend of mine is having the same problem

My computer:
3.2GhZ P IV w/ HT
1gb ram
Windows XP

Friends computer
Don't know processor
246mb ram
Windows 2000

The same problem occurs on both computers, and we both use the latest version
of GAIM.

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