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By: kngharv

This is a message specifically to the developers of Gaim.

I want to say a word of "Thanks" to you.

The story is this.

A friend of mine recently moved to another country as part of student exchange
program.  She is relatively poor and doesn't have a laptop of her own.

Only computer she has access to is some old computer running Windows Millium

She uses ICQ as her primary IM client.  The official ICQ client for Windows
ME is no longer being maintained and it is very buggy.  It was so buggy that
every message she send contains a warning to the receiver that she was using
a "buggy client."

Frustrated, I recommend her to give Gaim a try...  I gave her the link to an
old old old version of GTK library that supports Windows ME, and tell her to
install the latest version of Gaim without the GTK prebundled.

Despite all the vices of the old gtk version, this was a much cleaner, and 
solution to her problem.  Honestly, I didn't think the latest gaim would work
with a such outdated gtk library.

She like Gaim so much that she want to use it as her primary IM client even
if she end up getting a laptop on her own.


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