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By: johnstonel

I just had the same problem installing Beta6 on my home machine (after having
it work flawlessly at work for the past several months).  When I looked through
the C:\Program Files\Gaim folder and its subfolders, I noticed several files
which were a couple of years older than the others -- which made me suspicious.

I uninstalled Beta6 and noticed that those files were still present, and 
be deleted from Windows Explorer.

I suspect that even though I shut down Gaim 1.4 before installing 2.0Beta6,
Windows still had those files marked as "in use," and the installer couldn't
replace them.

So, I restarted the computer, went in and removed all files in the C:\Program
Files\Gaim folder (it let me do it this time), then reinstalled 2.0Beta6.  My
AIM and ICQ accounts then showed up and worked properly.

Lawrence O. Johnstone
Ukiah, CA

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