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By: djstyxxx


#1 What I meant was the spacing between the icons (and the spacing between the
icons and the left border of the buddy list).

Is there also a possibility to configure the size of the tabs? In v2.0 they
look different to v1.5:
I'd like a smaller width (eg. like it was in 1.5).

These are probably gtk issues?

#4/#5 I've periodically the problem, that one of the accounts (mostly ICQ) isn't
connecting when starting gaim (or at least I think it isn't, cause I can't check
the connection status). The state is shown as enabled, but no buddy entries
are shown - and also no error messages. Disabling and enabling the account 
help. So I've to restart gaim. Then everything works fine.

And another 2 questions:

How can I ignore authorization requests? In v1.5 message box was shown. When
closing it (without clicking "accept" or "refuse") the request was ignored.

The height of the text input field is very small. I tried a few things, but
it's always at that small size again when opening a new tab.
Is it possible to change this value permanently or force gaim to remember the
last used value (I would prefer the last)?

Thanks :)

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