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By: ppberns


  It's been awhile since I've been here so bare with me in case this has been
asked before.  I have been running v2.00 beta6 now but have been using since
beta1.  What I am curious about is 2 things.
1 .... when I start up Gaim, it does not connect right away as it use to.  I
usually have to click on either "available" or "away" then it will connect.
But If I don't click on either, it will just sit there saying "waiting for 
I am running this on Kubuntu feisty fawn.
2 .... When someone messages me, the chat window would pop up to the front.
Now it seems all I can do is use a plugin that alerts me to someone typing and
leaving me a message.  Otherwise I wouldn't know the person responded.  I 
not find anyway to set it so that it would pop up to the front if someone 
Other than that I would trade it for the world.  Gaim is a great program that
I've come to rely on.


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