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By: isuldor

winGaim 2.0b6 - This is probably going to turn into a feature request, but I've
also been observing some bugged contact list behavior.  More on that in a 
I am using the "Google Apps For Your Domain service" (hosted domain) with all
of the SRV records including xmpp-client (thank you, GoDaddy).  When connected
via jabber on Gaim, contacts from my hosted domain gmail address book show up
on the buddy list.  Is there a way to filter those contacts in Gaim?

If not, what do you guys think about adding the filter as a feature?

And I haven't really been able to nail this other thing down yet.  Basically,
I've noticed that when I add a jabber contact, and include an alias in the "add
buddy" dailogue, the buddy will appear in multiple instances on the contact
list. But I'm still not really sure as to what the cause is as at one point
all of my contacts were showing up 4 times each.  Again I'm guessing this is
due to the GAFYD system.  Does anyone else experienced similar behavior?

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