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By: zthe_rabbitz

ok, i'm not sure why there are no other threads like this here... what
the heck!?

I keep getting a segfault that crashes gaim almost constantly, for sure

I started with mepis and gaim 1.5.1, then someone said that gaim2 cvs version
has the fix.  so i try install of latest version, not compatible with mepis
without major work.  i install ubuntu 6.10 with gaim2 beta3, crash so i get
gaim beta5 (want 6 but not find for amd64) crash.  always same function... what
gives?  where is this cvs version with a fix that 'buddy' was talking about?
why are only some people having a problem?  why hasn't this happened before
with the other distros i was using? what is causing this??

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