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By: neon_knight

Right, I don't think I've seen this posted anywhere else...but I could
be mistaken.

I got my version of Gain with my Ubuntu 6.06 LTS disk. 

It has never worked. Not once. I've reinstalled Ubuntu several times for various
reasons, but on every single version of my Ubuntu partition, Gaim fails
to deliver.

Basically, I can start it up, I can enter my MSN details fine. That all works.

But then, when I try to log in, it logs in, it shows my online contacts for
maybe half a second before just quitting, with no error message, no 
just straight back to the desktop. I've not patched it, or added any plugins.
(I'm afraid I don't really know how...still new to the Linux system). just every
single time I try, it quits. (There was one time when it didn't....but that
was only once).

Well anyway, could somebody kindly point me in the right direction, or even
better, tell me if there is any way of fixing this problem?


I'm getting sick of using online messengers. :(

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