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Submitted By: Anna (annaf)
Assigned to: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Summary: gaim hangs every time a specific swedish key is pressed

Initial Comment:
Every time a specific key is pressed on a swedish
keyboard gaim always hangs.
The key is the one that is right next to Backspace on
the left (I don't know what it is called.)

The physical keyboard has a english (am) layout but I
have set it to use Swedish layout. 
This only happens when the keyboard layout is set to
Swedish, when it is set to English it is OK.

Very often when I am supposed to hit Backspace key I
hit the wrong key and gaim will hang. This happens
several times a day for me and is quite annoying. And
when I forget I have the Swedish keyboard layout set
and try to do a = or + it will hang. I'd be very happy
if this was fixed :)

The machine that I am using where this is 100%
reproducable is a Windows 2003 Server Std Ed. I have
also seen it occur on Win XP Pro SP2 but it does not
happen every time.

I will add a screenshot of the Swedish keyboard layout
and mark which key I am talking about.

I see this in both 1.5 and 2.0.0 beta2.


Comment By: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Date: 2006-03-07 19:55

Logged In: YES 

This is not a Gaim bug, but a bug in GTK+, the widget toolkit
used by Gaim.  Your bug is being moved to our "gtk bugs" tracker,
where it will be grouped with similar bugs.  When we know a gtk
bug number for this issue, your group number will reflect it. 


Comment By: Anna (annaf)
Date: 2006-03-06 19:11

Logged In: YES 

I installed GIMP 2.2.10 and it also hangs when typing the
same characters.

When the hang occurs I do not see anything being printed in
the console. The last that's printed in the console is:
msn: C: NS 000: PNG
msn: S: NS 000: QNG 43
jabber: Sending (ssl): <message type='chat'
4DB'><x xmlns='jabber:x:event'><composing/></x></message>
msn: S: NS 000: CHL 0 52961151323699308081
msn: C: NS 000: QRY 12 PROD0038W!61ZTF9 32
msn: S: NS 000: QRY 12


Comment By: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Date: 2006-03-03 09:39

Logged In: YES 

This will most likely be a GTK+ bug.

Can you, perhaps, install GIMP ( (be
sure *not* to install GTK+ 2.8.x) and see if this also
happens when entering text there?

Also, if you start gaim in debug mode (using the -d
argument), does anything appear in the debug window when it


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