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Category: None
Group: gtk #304702 pango shape assert
>Status: Closed
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Nathan (nolongerunknown)
Assigned to: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Summary: PANGO Causes crash in wingaim<->iChat conversations.

Initial Comment:
Windows Runtime Error:
Pango-ERROR **: file shape.c: line 75 (pango_shape):
assertion failed: (glyphs->num_glyphs > 0)

After more testing I've found that I can reproduce 
this bug only in IMs that are between my WinXP PC 
(wingaim2beta2) and a mac (iChat). I'm using the AIM 
protocol, updated gtk

Situation 1:
Logging enabled, HTML format (from the previous 
conversation, irrelevant at actual load time)
Show format on incoming messages enabled (from the 
previous conversation, irrelevant at actual load time)
History plugin turned on

These settings will cause it to crash the moment a 
chat window is opened with that person if a previous 
conversation was saved in the logs. This is presumably 
while trying to load the html log file. I've attached 
an example html file that causes a crash for me if 
loaded from history.

Situation 2:
Show format on incoming messages enabled

Crashes upon the receipt of a message from a mac user, 
regardless of what they're saying, if history is 
enabled or disabled, or logging is enabled or 
disabled. The message still makes it into the logs, 
formatted. It also manages to send auto-replies before 
the rendering is finished and the problem is 
encountered (they also appear in the chat logs). 
Example of that is attached as well. This situation is 
not universal though, at times it works and I can't 
seem to isolate the exact cause.

I'm hoping somebody can confirm that this results in a 
crash for them as well.

2006-03-04.161253.html - crash from logs (1)
2006-03-05.233450.html - crash on receipt (2)

(See also Bug 1365939 for the relevant backtrace. I 
was unable to post the file attachments I wanted to 
there and it was also categorized as gaim 1.5, this is 
still present in 2beta2.)


Comment By: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Date: 2006-03-07 19:49

Logged In: YES 

This is not a Gaim bug, but a bug in GTK+, the widget toolkit
used by Gaim.  Your bug is being moved to our "gtk bugs" tracker,
where it will be grouped with similar bugs.  When we know a gtk
bug number for this issue, your group number will reflect it. 


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