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Category: None
Group: gtk bug #107320
>Status: Closed
Resolution: Later
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: NoRemorse (jimmy1812)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Buddy List - Mouseover User bubble Glitch (view screenshot)

Initial Comment:
When you hold your mouse over a user on your MSN Buddy
List, I have been having issues, when switching
windows, that sometimes, the bubble remains on the
screen, and doesnt go away. Its very annoying, because
it means i have to ALT + Tab back to the buddy list,
when it happens, to get rid of it.

I have no idea what the problem is (im no c0d3r :) )
but yeah, its annoying. I love GAIM, I hope this is
fixed in one of the next releases. Sorry i didnt
screenshot when it happened, but it happens often, so
I'll screenshot next time!




Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2004-10-23 22:38

Logged In: YES 

you might have noticed that these are in the gtk bugs
tracker, and that most have a group number that tells you
the related gtk bug ;-) 


Comment By: Tal Tamir (taltamir)
Date: 2004-10-23 21:47

Logged In: YES 

that isnt because of the msn thing, its a GTK issue since
before version 1.0... it does that for ALL the popup
bubbles, aim info, msn, all of them...

I really wish it was fixed.


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