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Category: None
Group: gtk bug #156246
>Status: Closed
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Jim (jim3535)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: New conversation windows always open behind taskbar in winxp

Initial Comment:
Gaim 1.01
OS: WinXP Pro SP2

New converstaion windows are always created at the top
left of the screen.  If the taskbar is on the top of
the screen, the new window is placed behind it.  This
makes it much harder to move and is generally very


Comment By: Daniel Atallah (datallah)
Date: 2005-01-31 14:16

Logged In: YES 

I created a plugin that acts as a workaround to this GTK bug.
It is posted in the Plugins Tracker:


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2005-01-13 10:00

Logged In: YES 

based on
I am moving this to the gtk-bugs tracker. 


Comment By: Jim (jim3535)
Date: 2005-01-13 00:59

Logged In: YES 

I reported this as a bug because this behavior only occurs
in later versions of gaim.  The earlier ones either
remembered the location, or opened the windows somewhere in
the middle of the screen. 

As I recall version 1.0 back to when I started using gaim on
windows (about 0.7x), was ok.


Comment By: Jeffery To (coderjeff)
Date: 2005-01-12 05:37

Logged In: YES 

I also think this is a bug and not a RFE.

(And I have to learn how to be less verbose.)


Comment By: Jeffery To (coderjeff)
Date: 2005-01-12 05:22

Logged In: YES 

When a program creates multiple windows without a given
position, Windows positions each window in a cascading
order. The topmost window is at the top left corner of the
"visible area", the screen minus the taskbar. It does this
even if the taskbar is on the left or on top of the screen.
(I'm observing this on Win98, but I doubt this has changed
at all in XP/2000.)

Notepad (on Win98) creates windows that cascade. Buddy
pounce popups and Get Info windows also cascade correctly;
none of these open underneath a taskbar placed at the top of
the screen.

It looks like Gaim or GTK is telling Windows to always
position new conversation/chat windows at (0,0) (top left
corner) of the screen. It doesn't cascade and it doesn't
take into account the visible area. Assuming Gaim is calling
the correct GTK function correctly, this means this is a GTK

This could be related to the multiple monitors GTK bug
(conversation windows placed at the top left of the total
screen resolution, physically offscreen); I don't know
enough to say for sure.

Some people have suggested saving the conversation window
position as a solution to this bug. I think getting the
windows to cascade properly in the visible area should be
the solution. If people still want the position saved, they
should find the RFE for that and add a comment.


Comment By: Daniel Beardsmore (uilleann)
Date: 2004-10-21 16:59

Logged In: YES 

A workaround for now (and this applies to all software that
places resizable windows underneath the taskbar when it is
at the top, in XP and 2k): click once anywhere on the
window's border. This makes Windows resize the window such
that about 4 pixels of the title bar become visible below
the taskbar, and you can then drag the window out from under
the taskbar.

(this one is filed away in the "someone needs to borrow a
Mac" dept., along with being able to windowshade (for rapid
visual access to the window below) and being able to move
and operate inactive windows by holding a key down. I'm not
blaming any gaim devels for this one though, of course)


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