Bjoern Voigt wrote:
> Nathan Walp wrote:
>> Can I assume that fixing this is worth breaking the string freeze, since 
>> no good translation can really happen with it like it is?  I want an OK 
>> from a translator or two before I go ahead and commit.
> For me it's ok. But do we really currently have a string freeze? I have 
> more than 76 fuzzy strings and more than 7 new strings since switching 
> from Gaim (trunk) to Pidgin. I would prefer to delay the string freeze 
> for some days because some more i18n problems may be found in the next days.

I have committed the change to mtn, and started the update script for 
the l10n stats page, so a new .pot file should be there in the next hour 
or so (I forget how long it takes that script to run these days).

We're certainly trying to act like we're in string freeze, but I don't 
consider it a hard freeze if we have to break it to make the lives of 
you translators easier somehow.

I know we're asking a lot from you guys on pretty short notice :-/


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